Thursday, January 31, 2008


TANDEM director Jeroen Jaspaert has completed a new spot for Calpol. It demonstrates yet another side of Mr Jaspaert's diverse talents, with a richly rendered 'storybook' feel to convey the gentle reassurance associated with the brand. Also, speaking personally as a parent of young children, this is an example of our studio advertising a product I truly endorse! ;) Click here to view Calpol 'Dreams'.

Monday, January 28, 2008

that cat again

Simon Tofield's short film 'Cat Man Do' has been nominated in the 'Best Comedy' category at the upcoming British Animation Awards. Congratulations, Simon - again!! If you've somehow managed to avoid the 7 million downloads (and counting!) on YouTube, as well as the dozens of other links created over the last couple of months, take a look here!!

never felt better

A very Happy New Year to all and first, an apology - it's been an extremely busy period and therefore thin on the postings! TANDEM has completed several new commercial productions in the run up to Christmas and through January, including work for Calpol, Carphone Warehouse, Yoplait, Payback and a new brand campaign for Anchor butter which was directed by Daniel Greaves and Tobias Fouracre. All five commerials in the Anchor campaign were created in fuzzy felt, reflecting the brand's hands-on credentials (an additional apology for another bad pun in this posting's title).