Friday, October 13, 2006

the thinker

Director Chris Gavin ponders a particularly tricky pitch.

Quick update before it all gets rather busy. We've got a whole bunch of stuff going on here, many exciting projects ranging from full-on stop-motion in the downstairs studio, to full-on CG upstairs. Tandem is a blur of set construction and render testing at the moment, but i'm sure we'll find time for a spot of blogging to keep you posted.

Heads down see you at Christmas!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Evo goes west

The short film Evo is to get another cinema outing as part of the Encounters Short Film Festival. The 'Best of British 1' programme is to screen at the Watershed in Bristol on Tuesday 21st November (6:15pm) and Thursday 23rd November (11:30am).
Find out more at the Encounters Festival website.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mr Beaky

More animation for Amnesty International's SECRET POLICEMAN'S BALL!
We created 8 'Mr Beaky' animations, to be shown on the event itself and on Channel 4 the week after.
Mr Beaky is a lizard bird god, designed by James Jarvis.
He'll be the mascotte of the evening, appearing on screen to introduce the comedy sketches. Don't expect a lot of goodwill from his account though. He is easily bored and doesn't care if his tapdance routine will go down a storm.

Amnesty's monkeys

We've just finished a 2 min. shortfilm for Amnesty International's forthcoming SECRET POLICEMAN'S BALL. It stars the See No-, Hear No- and Speak No Evil monkeys in a James Bond style storyline. (obviously we wanted to call it 'Monkeypussy' but strangely enough that idea got scrapped) Jo Brand did the voice and the script was written by Robin Ince.
It's the first time Tandem's directors Nick and Jeroen collaborated and thanks to some technical wizardry from Chris Gavin and Mike Cook, the film was finished in record time we're all really happy with the result.
The Secret Policeman's Ball will be held at The Royal Albert Hall on october the 14th. As far as we know, tickets have been sold all ready. But don't despair, Channel 4 will broadcast the event a week later on october the 22nd.