Tuesday, March 31, 2009

orange maps

TANDEM Director Hélène Friren has just completed a charming 90 second promotional film for Orange. The mobile operator will use the film on-line to present the new mobile mapping service now available to Orange customers. Hélène and her team completed both English and French language versions of the film which offers a light-hearted illustration of various aspects of the new mapping service.
You can view Hélène's 2009 Director's Showreel here.

TANDEM is establishing a fine portfolio of production work commissioned specifically for on-line use. We've been bringing our film-making experience to the Internet for a while now; check out links to client sites, such as Tate&Lyle, Big Yellow Self-Storage and the RSPCA to name but three!

Monday, March 16, 2009

studio makeover

For the last few months we've had the builders in... (thanks Gary and Jack). The layout of our studio space is even better now; old walls have come down, new walls have gone up. Our main shooting area is larger, we've got brand new client space, edit suite and kitchen areas and Russell our in-house sound designer (a.k.a. Shrooty) has totally revamped his workspace too. All in all we're very excited about the improvements and will be adding details to the TANDEM website soon. Our Studio is an extremely versatile space ideal for film or stills use; it's also available for hire. Please call us or email Jo for further details.

Sunday, March 01, 2009