Friday, March 26, 2010

sun 'theatre' has european release

Sun 'Theatre' produced by TANDEM for Lowe Strateus (Paris), began airing this week throughout Europe. The spot, for Sun dishwashing tablets, is directed by Daniel Greaves and in it he once again fills inanimate objects to the brim with character. TANDEM director Tobias Fouracre, one of the country’s top stop-motion animators, uses his sublime skills to hilariously bring the cups and plates to life. To see the spot, click here.

taylor james release first UK commercial

TANDEM directors Taylor James have released their first UK TV commercial, for Calor. Produced by TANDEM and co-directed with Yoav Segal, Think Tank combines realistic yet stylized CGI visual effects with 2D animation and has just been released. Though the first UK commercial, it marks Taylor James 3rd commercial in 6 months – After 10 years of honing their skills as a world leader in photographic retouching, their move to Broadcast is the natural progression. To see the spot, click here