Friday, March 28, 2008

petrol heads

Tobias Fouracre has just shot this ten second stop motion spot to promote the Guardian newspaper's Formula One racing guide for agency Wieden+Kennedy.

Representing the four British drivers in competition for the F1 title, the patriotic crash helmets treat us to a high-octane rendition of our national anthem.

Click here to see Guardian 'Helmets'.

Friday, March 14, 2008

and the winners are...

Great to see two TANDEM directors pick-up their British Animation Awards (BAAs) at last night's ceremony. Simon Tofield won 'Best Comedy' for Simon's Cat 'Cat Man Do', and Jon Dunleavy's film 'The Technical Hitch' won 'Best Character Voice Performance' for Robert Lindsay's narration.

Simon Tofield, the cat that got the cream.

Jon Dunleavy with TV funnyman Joe Pasquale.

Friday, March 07, 2008

simon's famous cat

We've just launched our new YouTube channel to feature the ongoing series of 'Simon's Cat' films from Simon Tofield.  The first film, 'Cat Man Do' (aka 'Wake Up Cat'), has now had approximately 5m downloads on only two of  the many postings, not to mention the dozens of other links all over the web, so it felt right to give the second film, 'Let Me In!', a proper home. Here's where to view, subscribe and comment: Could the second film be even funnier than the first?  Discuss!