Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEWS September 2010

TANDEM has had a very busy summer, packing in jobs for the Royal Mail, Carphone Warehouse, Sun Dishwashing Gel, Swisscom, Betfair, DAP Dog, BBC and Feliway.

Directing collective Nathan Love have been busy in the US of A creating spots for NBC, a campaign for Baskin and Robbins – check out their website.

On 7 October the second Simon's Cat book has its UK release followed soon after by its worldwide release. Simon's Cat merchandise is now available at Simon's eight films have received over 80 million YouTube hits.

On the festival scene, Jon Dunleavy's Film Crash! Bang! Wallow?, Peter Baynton's Save Our Bacon, Daniel Greaves' Speechless and Chris Gavin's TXT Island have continued to wow audiences.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

shoot happens

Exciting times at TANDEM. It's good to see our in-house studio space being used again for another TV commercial shoot. It's been a week of intense stop-motion animation shooting and today the RED camera is here to capture some live-action / product shots. Without giving too much away, here's a wee glimpse behind the scenes.
The TANDEM studio space.

D.O.P Pete Ellmore working his D.O.P. magic.
The Red camera is fitted with a pretty special Borescope lens for getting close-up live-action shots of subjects in some pretty tight corners.