Tuesday, May 31, 2011

world's most awesomest police chase action video

If you stay up late watching really bad TV, it wont be long before you encounter these Police Chase Action Video clip shows. Here's Tandem director Chris Gavin's Flash animation tribute/pastiche of the genre...

See Chris's own film-making blog and more films etc. at chrisgavin.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bold Type

A bold and eye-catching typographic TV commercial from TANDEM director Dave Daniels.
'Sportsbook' is the third in a series of William Hill Adverts and is now on air. Dave worked closely with agency creatives Ben Walker and Matt Gooden at BMB on the spots to continue a collaboration that started with the award-winning Honda Campaign.

See William Hill 'Sportsbook' Here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a site for more eyes

Some visitors who find this blog may not yet have discovered the main TANDEM website over at www.tandemfilms.com Well, I can highly recommend a visit; especially now that we have the entire site re-engineered over the last few weeks.

Visitors will now find a lot of new content (we've posted lots of new work) and better tools for searching and watching the movies. Behind the scenes, the site is all database driven now, so easy for us to update and easier for search engines to sift through.

The site is no longer using Flash technology, so even users of the various Apple IOS gadgets will find it all works for them too now, what's not to like?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

is he really STILL plugging TXT ISLAND?

Since being included in the 2010 'Craftwork' Programme of the ONEDOTZERO festival, Chris Gavin's typographic epic TXT ISLAND has received many additional screenings at festivals and events around the world. News has just come in that on May 9th 2011, the film will be shown at London's Saatchi Gallery as part of the COLLECT Contemporary Art Fair.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

NEWS TANDEM releases third Canongate Books promo

Chris Gavin has just finished his second promotional film for the publishing house Canongate Books.

Chris has created a compelling and original short film 'Our Tragic Universe' inspired by the latest novel by author Scarlett Thomas. The one minute film combines stop motion animation with snippets of live-action footage to evoke locations and themes from the book.

See Our Tragic Universe on the Canongate YouTube channel