Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"will she no come back again?"

Best wishes to Sharon Colman, who did TANDEM proud this year gaining an Oscar nomination for her short Badgered, as she heads to LA and into the arms of another, namely Dreamworks Animation. Remember though Sharon, as the old Scottish proverb says, "Ane may like a haggis weel enough that wouldna like the bag bladded on his chafts". Or something like that.


ShaRon said...

Inbetween working hard, drinking coffee and complaining about the heat, Jeroen has introduced me to blogging.

Miss you all, so do come and visit some day.

By the way, Thanksgiving should catch on in the UK. It's all about eating loads of food and hanging out.


Jeroen said...

still waiting for your own blogspot, or doesn't DreamWorks allow that ;)