Friday, January 26, 2007

delay in transmission

We like to regularly post blogs apologising for the irregularity of our blogging; this is one of those. Our excuse? It has been extremely busy here, with several productions delivering in the coming week including commercials for Kellogg's, Kinder Bueno and The Guardian. All of these will be online soon (we promise). Further to that, we're about to get started on a top-secret, top-notch project shooting on the other side of the world. So please keep bearing with us as we continue to live up to the word 'random'...


wukui2312 said...

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Ale said...

Hi Jeroen, thank you very much for your comment and I am so glad you liked the style in Marla. You can find the film on this site:
Let me know what you think and good luck with your projects ;)
Take care,