Friday, March 07, 2008

simon's famous cat

We've just launched our new YouTube channel to feature the ongoing series of 'Simon's Cat' films from Simon Tofield.  The first film, 'Cat Man Do' (aka 'Wake Up Cat'), has now had approximately 5m downloads on only two of  the many postings, not to mention the dozens of other links all over the web, so it felt right to give the second film, 'Let Me In!', a proper home. Here's where to view, subscribe and comment: Could the second film be even funnier than the first?  Discuss!


Gordon said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

It's almost like he's been watching our cat in action!!

Can't wait to see more.

Suzanne said...


Thanks for making my laugh till I cried on both shorts. I have two cats who work the cat man do routine every morning (sans baseball bat). All three cats keep indoors so no in and out routines. Thank god.

Kerdekel said...

Thanks for that second little film, it's funny as the first.
I don't have a glass door, but I have windows. It reminds me a bit my cat, who always watch and spy outside, punching the glass sometimes when she can't catch birds because of the glass or when she see a neighbor going out. :)
I wish they're indulgents and accept to be spied.

Tali said...

very cute animation! i love 'let me in'.

Birte said...

Up to this day I'm searching for the camera someone for sure has put in our house to watch our cat ... The videos are just great; I love them and hope there are more coming ...?!

Flavia said...

I love the first video since the first time I saw it ! :-)
I've just watched the second video and... yes ! It's as good as the first one. I just can't wait to see the next.

Anonymous said...


very cute animation!

i loved black & white results.

lokks like a free hand in moving

(sorry for my poor english)