Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the cat comes back

Big news! The third (and much-anticipated) episode of Simon's Cat hit YouTube last night. The internet release was timed to follow the UK television premiere on BBC2's Culture Show.

For anyone who missed The Culture Show, Simon's Cat 'TV Dinner' will be shown again during tomorrow's edition of The Culture Show Uncut (Thursday 17th July at 11.20pm! on BBC2). The screening will be accompanied by an interview with the director himself; TANDEM's very own Simon Tofield.


Ash Collins said...

haha, thats brilliant! now do one about when the cat wont let you play Wii :D

s.segieth said...

Hey mister Tofield, i definitely feel the videos about you and your cat!
It´s so much like mine.
Thanks for those great scenes!
I supported your videos on my site too.

agoodwinsmith said...

All the Simon videos are gone - or at least I can't see them no matter from where I click on them (even here). What happened?

Gea said...

sorry for my poor english... but i HAVE to tell you how much i love your funny, lovely, "terrible" cat, that is absolutely real, and lives situations that averyone has a cat knows very well... so, i ask: does simon's cat really exist? and what's his name?
thank you very much for your videos... i'm waiting for next!
(obviously, i also support your videos on my blog! :) )

Nancy said...

Who doesn't love Simon? Makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch the videos. And now there is a 3rd. Can't wait for the next episode!

Ani_ka said...

hey, i just saw the video again and laughed out loud - in the office - so now everybody kind of think, i'm strange or something;-)
thanks so much for this great videos!

and i'm still wishing, that there will be a simon's cat-shirt...:-)
I keep my fingers crossed!

kat66 said...

awwww I so love simon's cat its just like watching me and my cat :) absolutley adore these short films anymore planned so I can buy a dvd of em?