Monday, February 28, 2011

NEWS February 2011

Peter Baynton directed four idents for VW Caddy and the Discovery Channel. The playful idents co-produced with Iris use traditional 2D animation that interacts with Daniel Greaves' hand.

Despite the months of preparation for the all consuming role of the hand in the VW Idents, Daniel Greaves managed to find some spare time to direct the third in a series of adverts for Sun Dishwashing Detergent, co-produced with Lowe Strateus and 85Bis in Paris. The spot is currently airing throughout France.

Simon Tofield, Creative Director on the VW Caddy idents, released a second Simon's Cat book entitled 'Beyond the Fence'. Already the fifth most subscribed UK channel on YouTube, the views of his YouTube channel over Christmas smashed through the 100 million mark and have now surpassed 110 million.

Sun 'Race'
VW Caddy 'Explorer'
Simon's Cat 'Beyond the Fence'

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