Thursday, April 10, 2008

strings attached

Following his work on Paddington for Marmite, TANDEM director Tobias Fouracre has brought another childhood TV favourite back to life for a major campaign, this time featuring the Thunderbirds in the latest spot for Specsavers.  

The commercial sees marionette hero Virgil Tracy being chased by The Evil Hood through perilous mountain peaks - but only one of them is equipped with Specsavers Reaction lenses.  

The commercial was shot using techniques exactly as per the Gerry Anderson 1960s production - including an in-camera explosion on-set - and we even got to work with one of the puppeteers from the original series.  F.A.B., as they say.  

Click here to view Specsavers 'Thunderbirds'.


John Freeman said...

Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for al the hard work that must have gone into matching the effects of the original show. Specsavers sent me the press release on this and I've blogged it on the downthetubes blog:

Ash Collins said...

i was quite disturbed when I saw the ad, I thought some lost episode had come on TV. in any case, it looks freaking sweet. good job!