Friday, March 04, 2011

another sun spot

Another TANDEM broadcast TV commercial that seems to he been released recently without any blog here coverage at all... until now ...
Dan Greaves directed another commercial for SUN dishwasher products (Our third one now). The spot again features our high-end stop-motion animation techniques; yes that's right, it's all real crockery and cutlery inside a real dishwasher. Once again this was filmed in TANDEM's very own basement studio space and clean-up and set extension post production work was performed in-house too.
Sharp-eyed viewers will spot that this is in fact quite a fancy shoot, with a motion control system being used for some of the animation shots and RED One camera used for the live-action product shots.
The commercial was made for broadcast in France for agency Lowe Strateus in co-production with 85bis.

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